Creating Value Through  Cost-Effective, Sustainable Construction

Formed in 2013, VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES responds directly to the space requirements of prospective clients as well as the growth needs of existing clients. Providing clients  with development and construction management is vital to the success of VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES as a full-service real estate company.

By understanding key cost areas, we guide clients toward choices in the design and construction process that save money while preserving quality. In addition, strong relationships with major suppliers enable VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES to provide cost-effective solutions and rapid service.

The construction team works with clients and its representatives throughout the entire course of each project in order to ensure its success. The team is organized according to the following services:

  • The Design Team includes space planners who work with clients to understand their space requirements. The team develops test fits to ensure optimal use of space and helps to  develop construction estimates.
  • The Team includes construction managers who work with the client from design inception to construction completion to ensure absolute satisfaction. Each construction  manager works diligently to make sure the projects are completed on time and within budget without neglecting quality assurance practices.
  • The Team also focuses primarily on new construction and significant renovations to building exteriors. The company currently has a significant amount of properties  in new and major redevelopment work.

Central to the construction management department are efficiency and sustainability. Team members are ready to work with clients on a wide range of sustainability options including efficiency improvements, sub-metering, construction, waste management, and indoor environmental quality.

VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES recognizes the value of healthy workplaces, and understands that employee satisfaction increases along with more sustainable environments.

In-house development and construction professionals have extensive knowledge of the local market and strong relationships with contractors and vendors. Important goals are to support the growth of existing clients, and provide them with new outputs.

Projects are kept on-track and on-budget through the use of best practices and innovations.