Creating Value Through Relationships with Owners and Tenants

VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES’ continued success is built on a deep-rooted understanding of the market; an appreciation for the needs for both property owners and tenants; and an ability to adapt to future requirements of existing owners and tenants in the portfolio.

VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES has a long-standing reputation in the market as a responsive and fair property manager that provides leading edge solutions cheap jerseys for leasing.

Continued success is attributed to the “hands-on” approach of the leasing team who remains in constant contact with existing tenants. This proactive approach contributes to the company’s high retention rate: over 95% of the tenants renew their leases upon expiration.

The VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES leasing team knows each market and submarket intimately. Individual team members are embedded in each region in which the company owns properties to enable them to better understand the tenant’s needs, anticipate their future requirements, and to respond quickly to the changing real estate environment.

The strengths of the leasing team make VENTURE PNG PROPERTIES extremely comfortable buying assets with vacancy and initiating development projects on land holdings within the portfolio.