Proposed new Goroka Central
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Water Supply: Yes Backup Genset: Yes Security: Yes Parking: Yes

The newest prime commercial building in Goroka, EHP is soon to rise!

It will be the most sophisticated, modern and attractive building to stand in the city, this another prime commercial establishment is hoped to become one of Goroka’s pride and landmarks.

This 3-storey commercial building shall feature escalators from ground to the top floor, service elevator for tenants, back-up power and common security on the main doors, access to the town PMV stop as well as to the Luve Lave Arcade just next to it.

Shop/office areas range from just a little less than 100 square meters up to over 200 square meters. The spaces can be modified to be bigger or smaller depending on tenants’ preference.

Situated on the corner of Fox street and Gourney street, the property is just beside the airport and the main bus stop of top town Goroka. With these two public facilities nearby, Goroka Central is expected to become the busiest building in the whole of Goroka.


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